Technology of Theoring

A compound is a mixture of base polymer(s) and other chemicals which form a finished rubber material. More precisely, the term 'compound' refers to a specific blend of ingredients tailored for particular characteristics required to optimize performance in some specific service. The basis of compound design is selection of the polymer type. To the elastomer, the compounder may add reinforcing agents, such as carbon black, colored pigments, curing or vulcanizing agents, activators, plasticizers, accelerators, anti-oxidants or antiradiation addiditives. There may be hundreds of such combinations.

What is an elastomer

Though "elastomer" is synonymous with "rubber", it is more formally a polymer that can be modified to a state exhibiting little plastic flow and quick or nearly complete recovery from an extending force, and upon immediate release of the stress, will return to approximately its own shape. According to the definition of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for the term "elastomer" it is essential that: *An elastomer part must not break when stretched approximately 100%. *After being stretched 100%, held for 5 minutes and then released, it must retract to within 10% of its original length within 5 minutes after release.

production facilities

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Color and formula

Different colors, different materials, different formulations and different heat-resistant effects.

Black: Fluororubber (FKM)
Red: Silicone Rubber (SI/VMQ), Hydrogenated NBR, NBR
Coffee: Fluororubber (FKM)
Dark green: fluororubber (FKM)