Post On 2019-10-23

Seal ring enterprises face the test of "license"

Not long ago, several rubber enterprises in Wenzhou suffered economic punishment because they did not have the production license of O-type rubber sealing ring. Although the amount was small, it caused a shock in the industry. According to Wenzhou rubber chamber of Commerce, there are more than 100 enterprises engaged in the production of O-type rubber sealing rings in Wenzhou, and only a few have passed the license examination. Hundreds of seal ring manufacturers are facing the test of license.

The qualification of license is actually a standardized requirement. It's not hard for an enterprise to get a license, but any enterprise with a certain scale can do it as long as it has more brand awareness. However, as of yesterday, in addition to central Europe rubber and a small number of enterprises passed the license qualification examination. At present, all production enterprises must pass the examination of license qualification, but the whole industry and market are not standardized.

Obviously, most of the enterprises have not paid enough attention to it. There are only six enterprises applying for license examination in Zhejiang Province, and more rubber sealing ring manufacturers have not made any progress at present. Many enterprises may not want to follow the road of standardization. After all, it is a system engineering to apply for a license, including equipment, personnel, process flow, product formula, test data, etc. all need to have corresponding archives.

Rubber sealing ring is a supporting product, which directly affects the quality of the finished products. When all the finished products suppliers require rubber sealing ring suppliers to show their licenses, it means that the rubber industry will enter a new stage: the non-standard enterprises will either close down or merge into the enterprises with licenses, which obviously conforms to the trend of industrial development.