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How to Install Cylinder Seal Ring

Hydraulic cylinder component is the core component of hydraulic system and the basis of normal operation of hydraulic equipment. Sealing ring is very important to ensure that the cylinder does not leak, and the installation of sealing ring is also required.

How to Select Industrial Seals

When industrial equipment works, it is necessary to select the corresponding seals according to the working speed of the equipment, the medium used, the working environment and the temperature.

Detection of Rolling Bearings and Oil Seals

There are many rolling bearings used in motorcycles, such as centripetal ball bearings and needle roller bearings. They work at high temperature and high speed for a long time. The rolling bodies and raceways are prone to wear, ablation, rupture, fatigue, delamination and spots.

Basic Properties of Hydraulic Seal Material

Seals of hydraulic transmission system have basic sealing performance. But not all seals have the following six properties, which require reasonable ingredient customization test before they can be owned at one time.

Common failures of hydraulic solenoid valves

The faults of solenoid valves will directly affect the action of switching valves and regulating valves. The common faults are that solenoid valves do not act. The following four aspects should be investigated.

Causes of Influencing Sealing Performance of Hydraulic Valves and Solutions

Impurity in working fluid is the main cause of damage to sealing elements. These impurities are ground between the sealing elements, resulting in leakage.

Classification of rubber release agents

The traditional release agent is external type, which is coated on the surface of the die cavity. It is also called the isolator. The main products are talc powder, mica powder, soap, paraffin, PTFE and silicone oil. All of these have certain release effect, and their shortcomings are obvious. They are easy to leave scales and traces, have corrosive effect on the die, and have price. More expensive.

Differentiation between Molded Rubber Seals and Extruded Rubber Strips

There are two common moulding methods of rubber products: moulded rubber seals and extruded rubber strips. These two kinds of rubber products have different uses and advantages and disadvantages. What are the specific differences between moulded rubber seals and extruded rubber strips?