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How Feynman found out the cause of the Challenger crash

On the day of the launch of challenger, the weather at Kennedy Space Center was extremely cold, which was the direct cause of the failure of O-ring.

Seal ring enterprises face the test of "license"

Obviously, most of the enterprises have not paid enough attention to it. There are only six enterprises applying for license examination in Zhejiang Province, and more rubber sealing ring manufacturers have not made any progress at present. Many enterprises may not want to follow the road of standardization. After all, it is a system engineering to apply for a license, including equipment, personnel, process flow, product formula, test data, etc. all need to have corresponding archives.

Solution to water leakage of sealing ring of basin water heater

The sealing ring of the basin water heater needs to be replaced if it leaks water.

Advantages of conductive O-ring silicone rubber

Silicone rubber is a kind of raw material with good conductivity. Generally, rubber products are conductive, because when the raw materials are added with auxiliary materials, carbon black will be added. Carbon black is conductive, but the conductive current can also be strong or weak.

Whether the oil pump will cause the aging of crankshaft oil seal sealant

When the piston is in the working stroke, the pressure in the cylinder can easily reach more than ten bar. These exhaust gases will flow into the crankcase through the piston ring, and also into the valve through the valve, causing the pressure rise in the valve and crankcase. When the flash point of the oil itself reaches about 235 degrees, it will deflagration and produce gas.

Oil Leakage of Valve Seal

Valve seal and piston ring are the most common problems causing oil leakage. There are two simple ways to distinguish between judgments

Why does the hydraulic oil of excavation equipment turn black

Hydraulic oil plays a lubricating role in hydraulic system. If it is not replaced for a long time, the viscosity of hydraulic oil will decrease and become black. Viscosity reduction will lead to abrasion of parts of hydraulic system such as injection, valve, multi-way reversing valve, oil seal in the main pump of excavator. Abrasion will lead to internal leakage and seriously affect the efficiency of excavator.

Customization of Seal Ring for Automobile Air Conditioning

Automobile Air Conditioning System (A/C) is an important comfort subsystem in automobile comfort/cycle system, which consists of refrigeration system, heating system, air supply system, purification system and electric control system.