Power Generation

Demanding environment

The varied demands posed by the unique requirements of applications in the energy sector call for specific expertise in selecting appropriate seal designs and materials.

THEO can help you specify the optimal seal for your application capable of satisfying both performance and regulatory requirements.

Whether your need is for a critical seal in the heart of a power plant, a dynamic seal in a wind turbine or a rubber profile for solar panels, THEO recognizes the criticality of each and every application and the need for a consistent, reliable product and its supply.

Product development

As your partner, we can co-engineer the right solution for your installation. With our state-of-the-art Rapid Prototyping facilities, we can save you time by developing sealing components. THEO can be the partner of choice for the supply and development of the best possible products and services.

Compound development

Whatever material needed, our R&D centers are fully equipped to develop the right compound for your application.

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