Heavy Industry

Seals for heavy industry applications

Thermo-chemical and environmental conditions dictate material selection, whilst gland space, special features and sometimes sheer scale have to be considered before the best sealing solution can be identified.

This is particularly true of heavy industrial sealing applications from un-balanced mechanical sealing assemblies in steel mills to large diameter split elastomer seals in industrial fans.

Large dimensions result in large tolerances and clearance gaps that, combined with pressure or force, may cause elevated stresses within the seal.

The sheer scale of equipment often requires designs that allow in-situ servicing, with only partial disassembly, but also fabricated from differing materials that are better suited to such dimensions.

Tailored designs are required to mitigate for such requirements. THEO’ core product range consists of Elastomer and PTFE Rotary Lip Seals, along with bespoke Mechanical seals .

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